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Communication is key. Address organisational challenges by communicating successfully.

Convincing people to take a specific action, understand concepts or use products, systems and processes effectively is a specialist skill. Winning recognition, respect and more business relies on your ability to communicate important information clearly, professionally and appropriately.

Business and technical writing. CharlieHorse Technical Communication provides a range of business writing, technical documentation, instructional design, copywriting and online communication services to fit your objectives.

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"Anthea is one of the more talented technical writers that I have come across in the New Zealand market..." Terry Chapman, Owner, Fusionworks
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Getting to grips with eLearning
2 March 2010; 4:55:17 PM
Useful stuff from my Synapsys friends - 10 tips for producing effective eLearning interventions, DIY eLearning options and getting social and collaborative learning right.

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